Thermal diagnosis on solar panels

Thermal inspection on solar panels is necessary to spot potentials abnormalities that could affect them. Concept Drone Nature offers you a quick, easy, efficient (and then cheap) solution, even in areas that are hard to reach. Thanks to my drone equipped by a thermal camera, this inspection enable to have an overview and find easily any problem.

This service avoid wasting of time and money with some long and expensive set-ups (of scaffolds for example). You can now save money from you energetic bill!

These picture, or rather, these “thermograms” easily show us where the loss of heat on this solar panel are, and then, eventual breakage or failure. Then, it enables to change the defective panels or defective elements of the panel.

The aim of a solar panel is to store, thanks to specific cells, the solar energy. Here, we can see that some elements of the panels are defective (yellow points) because they release heat while they should not. The yellow color is the sign that heat is being released, then that the panels/ defective elements of the panels need to be changed.


This thermal diagnosis can also be made on a house to indentify the thermic birdges!

This video allow us to identify the differents thermic bridges of this house, then, where it looses heat! Those loss are visible with the yellow colour. The more we are going to the yellow, the hotter it is and the more we are going to the blue, the colder it is.


Please note that for now, Concept Drone Nature only offers its services in the West of France.