Animal counting

Concept Drone Nature, it's also thermal captures of animals...

What is this animal? (go see the answer underneath!)

For experts, the used equipment is a DJI Matrice 210 Drone equipped by a XT2 Camera and its parachutes that is capable to fly in a S1-2-3 scenario with a 336×256 in 30 hertz captor. This drone and this camera enable to see and identify animals in a thermal way as in a visual one thanks to a “duo” camera. We can, for example, identify precisely an animal from the drone’s tablet  thanks to its thermal uptake to estimate the size of a population. This service enable to identify refuge areas, to protect and maintain animal and plant species on a territory.

A hare of course!

Here is a concret exemple of what thermografy enable us to do!

Here we can see an only boar, not easy to see at first.

(A hint: it is up the image)

Thermography enable us to see more precisely the boar we saw on at the beginning of the video. And, suprise! There are 2 others boars that were invisible with the classic camera.

Please note that for now, Concept Drone Nature only offers its services in the West of France.